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Game info:
Stardew Valley: 1.3.36 on Microsoft Windows 10 Home
SMAPI: 2.11.3
Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley
Log started: 2019-10-10 18:13 UTC ({{localTimeStarted}} your time)

Installed mods: click any mod to filter show all hide all
game 1.3.36 no errors
SMAPI 2.11.3 Pathoschild 5 errors
Backpack Resizer 1.1 DefenTheNation no errors
CJB Cheats Menu 1.20.1 CJ Bok no errors
CJB Item Spawner 1.11.4 CJ Bok no errors
Content Patcher 1.9.2
+ Birthday Reminder Mail 1.0.1
+ EverybodyLovesParsnips 1.0
+ Katlamos
+ zhanx1224
no errors
ExpandedFridge 2.0.3 Uwazouri no errors
Friends Forever 1.2.3 Isaac S. no errors
Gift Taste Helper 2.9.1 tstaples (aka catman) no errors
NPC Map Locations 2.5.1 Bouhm no errors
Save Anywhere 2.11 Alpha_Omegasis no errors
TimeSpeed 2.4.2 cantorsdust no errors
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11:13:40 INFO SMAPI SMAPI 2.11.3 with Stardew Valley 1.3.36 on Microsoft Windows 10 Home
11:13:40 INFO SMAPI Mods go here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods
11:13:40 TRACE SMAPI Log started at 2019-10-10T18:13:40 UTC
11:13:41 DEBUG SMAPI Starting game...
11:13:55 TRACE game setGameMode( 'titleScreenGameMode (0)' )
11:14:01 TRACE game Steam logged on: True
11:14:01 TRACE game Initializing GalaxySDK
11:14:03 TRACE game Requesting Steam app ticket
11:14:03 TRACE SMAPI Detecting common issues...
11:14:03 TRACE SMAPI Loading mod metadata...
11:14:04 TRACE SMAPI Loading mods...
11:14:05 TRACE SMAPI Chests Anywhere 1.16.2-518-1-16-2-1564094723 (Chests Anywhere 1.16.2-518-1-16-2-1564094723)...
11:14:05 TRACE SMAPI Failed: it contains files, but none of them are manifest.json.
11:14:05 TRACE SMAPI SDVMM2-4536-0-5-0-alpha-2-1570432347 (SDVMM2-4536-0-5-0-alpha-2-1570432347)...
11:14:05 TRACE SMAPI Failed: it contains files, but none of them are manifest.json.
11:14:05 TRACE SMAPI Backpack Resizer (BackpackResizer 1.1-2263-1-1\BackpackResizer\BackpackResizer.dll)...
11:14:06 TRACE SMAPI Content Patcher (ContentPatcher\ContentPatcher.dll)...
11:14:07 TRACE SMAPI Birthday Reminder Mail (BirthdayReminderMail-4501-1-0-1-1569240170\BirthdayReminderMail) [content pack]...
11:14:07 TRACE SMAPI CJB Cheats Menu (CJB Cheats Menu 1.20.1-4-1-20-1-1560356927\CJBCheatsMenu\CJBCheatsMenu.dll)...
11:14:07 TRACE SMAPI CJB Item Spawner (CJB Item Spawner 1.11.4-93-1-11-4-1560147658\CJBItemSpawner\CJBItemSpawner.dll)...
11:14:07 TRACE SMAPI EverybodyLovesParsnips (EverybodyLovesParsnips-4477-1-0-0-1568448442\[CP] EverybodyLovesParsnips) [content pack]...
11:14:07 TRACE SMAPI ExpandedFridge (Expanded Fridge Files 2.0.3-1191-2-0-3-1556619417\ExpandedFridge\ExpandedFridge.dll)...
11:14:07 TRACE SMAPI Friends Forever (Friends Forever 1.2.3-1738-1-2-3-1559801839\FriendsForever\FriendsForever.dll)...
11:14:07 TRACE SMAPI Rewriting FriendsForever.dll for OS...
11:14:08 TRACE SMAPI Gift Taste Helper (GiftTasteHelper 2.9.1-229-2-9-1-1553470804\GiftTasteHelper\GiftTasteHelper.dll)...
11:14:08 TRACE SMAPI NPC Map Locations (NPC Map Locations-239-2-5-1-1568939413\NPCMapLocations\NPCMapLocations.dll)...
11:14:08 TRACE SMAPI Save Anywhere (Save Anywhere-444-2-11-0-1547502552\SaveAnywhere\SaveAnywhere.dll)...
11:14:08 TRACE SMAPI TimeSpeed (TimeSpeed 2.4.2-169-2-4-2-1545940646\TimeSpeed\TimeSpeed.dll)...
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI Loaded 10 mods:
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI Backpack Resizer 1.1 by DefenTheNation | Adds command to resize the player's inventory
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI CJB Cheats Menu 1.20.1 by CJ Bok | Simple in-game cheats menu!
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI CJB Item Spawner 1.11.4 by CJ Bok | Simple in-game item spawner!
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI Content Patcher 1.9.2 by Pathoschild | Loads content packs which edit game data, images, and maps without changing the game files.
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI ExpandedFridge 2.0.3 by Uwazouri | Simply more inventory space in the fridge.
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI Friends Forever 1.2.3 by Isaac S. | Makes it so friendship levels never decay!
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI Gift Taste Helper 2.9.1 by tstaples (aka catman) | Displays NPC gift tastes in a handy tooltip.
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI NPC Map Locations 2.5.1 by Bouhm | Shows NPCs and farmers on a modified map page for accurate tracking.
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI Save Anywhere 2.11 by Alpha_Omegasis | Lets you save almost anywhere.
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI TimeSpeed 2.4.2 by cantorsdust | Lets you control the flow of time in the game: speed it up, slow it down, or freeze it altogether.
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI Loaded 2 content packs:
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI Birthday Reminder Mail 1.0.1 by Katlamos | for Content Patcher | Adds Birthday Reminders via mail with gift suggestions
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI EverybodyLovesParsnips 1.0 by zhanx1224 | for Content Patcher | Everybody loves parsnips now. Much easier to win friends.
11:14:09 INFO SMAPI Found 3 mods with warnings:
11:14:09 ERROR SMAPI Skipped mods
11:14:09 ERROR SMAPI --------------------------------------------------
11:14:09 ERROR SMAPI These mods could not be added to your game.
11:14:09 ERROR SMAPI - Chests Anywhere 1.16.2-518-1-16-2-1564094723 because it contains files, but none of them are manifest.json.
11:14:09 ERROR SMAPI - SDVMM2-4536-0-5-0-alpha-2-1570432347 because it contains files, but none of them are manifest.json.
11:14:09 DEBUG SMAPI No update keys
11:14:09 DEBUG SMAPI --------------------------------------------------
11:14:09 DEBUG SMAPI These mods have no update keys in their manifest. SMAPI may not notify you about updates for these
11:14:09 DEBUG SMAPI mods. Consider notifying the mod authors about this problem.
11:14:09 DEBUG SMAPI - Save Anywhere
11:14:10 TRACE SMAPI Found mod-provided API (ContentPatcher.Framework.ContentPatcherAPI).
11:14:10 TRACE CJB Cheats Menu Started with menu key P.
11:14:10 TRACE CJB Item Spawner Started with menu key I.
11:14:10 TRACE SMAPI Invalidating cached assets for new editors & loaders...
11:14:10 TRACE SMAPI Invalidated 0 cache entries.
11:14:10 TRACE SMAPI Checking for updates...
11:14:10 INFO SMAPI Type 'help' for help, or 'help <cmd>' for a command's usage
11:14:11 TRACE game Window_ClientSizeChanged(); Window.ClientBounds={X:43 Y:36 Width:1280 Height:720}
11:14:11 TRACE game Signing into GalaxySDK
11:14:11 TRACE game SteamStats received.
11:14:12 TRACE SMAPI SMAPI okay.
11:14:12 TRACE SMAPI Checking for updates to 12 mods...
11:14:12 TRACE SMAPI Invalidating cache entries for new asset loaders...
11:14:12 TRACE SMAPI Invalidated 0 cache entries.
11:14:12 TRACE SMAPI Invalidating cache entries for new asset editors...
11:14:12 TRACE Content Patcher EverybodyLovesParsnips edited Data\NPCGiftTastes.
11:14:12 TRACE SMAPI Content Patcher edited Data\NPCGiftTastes.
11:14:12 TRACE SMAPI Invalidated 1 asset names: Data\NPCGiftTastes. Reloaded 1 core assets.
11:14:13 TRACE game Galaxy auth success
11:14:13 TRACE game Galaxy signed in
11:14:13 TRACE game Galaxy logged on
11:14:13 TRACE SMAPI All mods up to date.
11:14:16 TRACE SMAPI Disposing...
11:14:16 TRACE SMAPI Disposing the content coordinator. Content managers will no longer be usable after this point.
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