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  • You don't have the Error Handler mod installed. This automatically prevents many game or mod errors. You can reinstall SMAPI to re-add it.

Log info

Game info:
Stardew Valley: 1.2.33 on Microsoft Windows 10 Home
SMAPI: 2.5.5
Log started: 2018-04-18 20:19 UTC ({{localTimeStarted}} your time)

Installed mods: click any mod to filter show all hide all toggle content packs in list
game 1.2.33 no errors
SMAPI 2.5.5 Pathoschild no errors
Advanced Location Loader 1.4.2 Entoarox 4 errors
ContentPatcher 1.3.1 Pathoschild no errors
Custom Element Handler 1.5.1 Platonymous no errors
Custom Farm Types 1.1.7 spacechase0 no errors
Custom Farming Redux 2.5.2 Platonymous no errors
Entoarox Framework 2.4 Entoarox no errors
Json Assets 1.1 spacechase0 no errors
MailFramework 1.2 Digus no errors
PyTK 0.8.3 Platonymous no errors
Seasonal Immersion 1.12 Entoarox no errors
SpaceCore 1.1.1 spacechase0 no errors
Xnb Loader 1.1.10 Entoarox no errors
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.* aA “ ” HL
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