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Game info:
Stardew Valley: 1.3.36 on Microsoft Windows 10 Home
SMAPI: 2.11
Log started: 2019-03-13 01:36 UTC ({{localTimeStarted}} your time)

Installed mods: click any mod to filter show all hide all
game 1.3.36 no errors
SMAPI 2.11 Pathoschild no errors
Advanced Location Loader 1.4.7
+ Revised Stardew Maps (RSM) 1.2
+ 13akoors
no errors
Console Commands 2.11 SMAPI no errors
Entoarox Framework 2.4.2 Entoarox no errors
Save Backup 2.11 SMAPI no errors
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21:36:04 INFO SMAPI SMAPI 2.11 with Stardew Valley 1.3.36 on Microsoft Windows 10 Home
21:36:04 DEBUG SMAPI Mods go here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods
21:36:04 TRACE SMAPI Log started at 2019-03-13T01:36:04 UTC
21:36:05 DEBUG SMAPI Starting game...
21:36:14 TRACE game setGameMode( 'titleScreenGameMode (0)' )
21:36:14 TRACE game Steam logged on: True
21:36:14 TRACE game Initializing GalaxySDK
21:36:14 TRACE game Requesting Steam app ticket
21:36:15 TRACE SMAPI Detecting common issues...
21:36:15 TRACE SMAPI Loading mod metadata...
21:36:15 TRACE SMAPI Loading mods...
21:36:15 TRACE SMAPI Entoarox Framework (EntoaroxFramework\EntoaroxFramework.dll)...
21:36:15 TRACE SMAPI Detected possible save serialiser change (StardewValley.SaveGame.serializer field) in assembly EntoaroxFramework.dll.
21:36:15 TRACE SMAPI Detected possible save serialiser change (StardewValley.SaveGame.farmerSerializer field) in assembly EntoaroxFramework.dll.
21:36:15 TRACE SMAPI Detected possible save serialiser change (StardewValley.SaveGame.locationSerializer field) in assembly EntoaroxFramework.dll.
21:36:15 TRACE SMAPI Advanced Location Loader (AdvancedLocationLoader\AdvancedLocationLoader.dll)...
21:36:15 TRACE SMAPI Detected reference to StardewModdingAPI.Events.ISpecialisedEvents.UnvalidatedUpdateTicked event in assembly AdvancedLocationLoader.dll.
21:36:15 TRACE SMAPI Console Commands (ConsoleCommands\ConsoleCommands.dll)...
21:36:16 TRACE SMAPI Revised Stardew Maps (RSM) (RSM) [content pack]...
21:36:16 TRACE SMAPI Save Backup (SaveBackup\SaveBackup.dll)...
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI Loaded 4 mods:
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI Advanced Location Loader 1.4.7 by Entoarox | Get your content into stardew without replacing any xnb files.
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI Console Commands 2.11 by SMAPI | Adds SMAPI console commands that let you manipulate the game.
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI Entoarox Framework 2.4.2 by Entoarox | A collection of APIs to make modding easier.
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI Save Backup 2.11 by SMAPI | Automatically backs up all your saves once per day into its folder.
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI Loaded 1 content packs:
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI Revised Stardew Maps (RSM) 1.2 by 13akoors | for Advanced Location Loader | Completely revises the world, expanding several maps to be 1:1 with the world map, and adding several new maps
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI Found 3 mods with warnings:
21:36:16 WARN SMAPI Changed save serialiser
21:36:16 WARN SMAPI --------------------------------------------------
21:36:16 WARN SMAPI These mods change the save serialiser. They may corrupt your save files, or make them unusable if
21:36:16 WARN SMAPI you uninstall these mods.
21:36:16 WARN SMAPI - Entoarox Framework
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI Bypassed safety checks
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI --------------------------------------------------
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI These mods bypass SMAPI's normal safety checks, so they're more likely to cause errors or save
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI corruption. If your game has issues, try removing these first.
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI - Advanced Location Loader
21:36:16 DEBUG SMAPI No update keys
21:36:16 DEBUG SMAPI --------------------------------------------------
21:36:16 DEBUG SMAPI These mods have no update keys in their manifest. SMAPI may not notify you about updates for these
21:36:16 DEBUG SMAPI mods. Consider notifying the mod authors about this problem.
21:36:16 DEBUG SMAPI - Revised Stardew Maps (RSM)
21:36:16 TRACE SMAPI Found mod-provided API (Entoarox.Framework.EntoaroxFrameworkAPI).
21:36:16 DEBUG Advanced Location Loader Loading content pack 'Revised Stardew Maps (RSM)'...
21:36:16 TRACE SMAPI Invalidating cached assets for new editors & loaders...
21:36:16 TRACE SMAPI Invalidated 0 cache entries.
21:36:16 INFO SMAPI Type 'help' for help, or 'help <cmd>' for a command's usage
21:36:16 TRACE SMAPI Checking for updates...
21:36:16 TRACE SMAPI SMAPI okay.
21:36:16 TRACE SMAPI Checking for updates to 3 mods...
21:36:16 TRACE SMAPI All mods up to date.
21:36:22 TRACE game Window_ClientSizeChanged(); Window.ClientBounds={X:43 Y:36 Width:1280 Height:720}
21:36:22 TRACE game Signing into GalaxySDK
21:36:23 TRACE game Window_ClientSizeChanged(); Window.ClientBounds={X:0 Y:0 Width:1366 Height:768}
repeats [1] times.
21:36:23 TRACE game Window_ClientSizeChanged(); Window.ClientBounds={X:43 Y:36 Width:1264 Height:681}
21:36:23 TRACE game Window_ClientSizeChanged(); Window.ClientBounds={X:43 Y:36 Width:1280 Height:720}
21:36:24 TRACE game Galaxy auth success
21:36:24 TRACE game Galaxy signed in
21:36:24 TRACE game Galaxy logged on
21:36:35 TRACE game GetNumFarmsSaved(); begin
21:36:35 TRACE game Directory.Exists returned true.
21:36:35 TRACE game Directory.GetDirectories returned 2 results.
21:36:35 TRACE game File.Open('C:\Users\13ako\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\Saves\Andrew_116727297\SaveGameInfo')
21:36:35 TRACE game File.Open('C:\Users\13ako\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\Saves\Lula_209957563\SaveGameInfo')
21:36:35 TRACE game GetNumFarmsSaved(); end, results=2
21:36:49 TRACE game setGameMode( 'playingGameMode (3)' )
21:36:51 DEBUG Advanced Location Loader Applying Revised Stardew Maps (RSM)...
21:36:51 TRACE Advanced Location Loader Requested cache invalidation for 'AdvancedLocationLoader\FakePath_paths_objects\CustomTiles'.
21:36:51 TRACE SMAPI Invalidated 0 cache entries.
21:36:51 TRACE SMAPI Entoarox Framework loaded asset 'AdvancedLocationLoader\FakePath_paths_objects\CustomTiles'.
21:36:51 CRITICAL Advanced Location Loader Advanced Location Loader requested an immediate game shutdown: Unable to override location, a unexpected error occured: Override(Beach,Beach) System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentLoadException: Error loading "Maps\CustomTiles_spring". File not found. ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Error loading "Content\Maps\CustomTiles_spring.xnb". File not found. at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.TitleContainer.OpenStream(String name) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentManager.OpenStream(String assetName) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentManager.OpenStream(String assetName) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentManager.ReadAsset[T](String assetName, Action`1 recordDisposableObject) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentManager.Load[T](String assetName) at StardewValley.LocalizedContentManager.Load[T](String assetName, LanguageCode language) in C:\Users\gitlab-runner\gitlab-runner\builds\5c0f9387\0\chucklefish\stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\LocalizedContentManager.cs:line 145 at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.ContentManagers.GameContentManager.<>n__0[T](String assetName, LanguageCode language) at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.ContentManagers.GameContentManager.<>c__DisplayClass7_0`1.<Load>b__0() in C:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\SMAPI\Framework\ContentManagers\GameContentManager.cs:line 87 at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.Utilities.ContextHash`1.Track[TResult](T key, Func`1 action) in C:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\SMAPI\Framework\Utilities\ContextHash.cs:line 53 at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.ContentManagers.GameContentManager.Load[T](String assetName, LanguageCode language) in C:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\SMAPI\Framework\ContentManagers\GameContentManager.cs:line 83 at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.ContentManagers.BaseContentManager.Load[T](String assetName) in C:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\SMAPI\Framework\ContentManagers\BaseContentManager.cs:line 91 at xTile.Display.XnaDisplayDevice.LoadTileSheet(TileSheet tileSheet) in C:\Users\Barone_\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\tide-83511\TileMapEditor\xTile\Display\XnaDisplayDevice.cs:line 94 at xTile.Map.LoadTileSheets(IDisplayDevice displayDevice) in C:\Users\Barone_\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\tide-83511\TileMapEditor\xTile\Map.cs:line 309 at StardewValley.GameLocation.loadMap(String mapPath) in C:\Users\gitlab-runner\gitlab-runner\builds\5c0f9387\0\chucklefish\stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Locations\GameLocation.cs:line 756 at StardewValley.GameLocation.reloadMap() in C:\Users\gitlab-runner\gitlab-runner\builds\5c0f9387\0\chucklefish\stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Locations\GameLocation.cs:line 809 at StardewValley.GameLocation..ctor(String mapPath, String name) in C:\Users\gitlab-runner\gitlab-runner\builds\5c0f9387\0\chucklefish\stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Locations\GameLocation.cs:line 702 at StardewValley.Locations.Beach..ctor(String mapPath, String name) in C:\Users\gitlab-runner\gitlab-runner\builds\5c0f9387\0\chucklefish\stardewvalley\Farmer\Farmer\Locations\Beach.cs:line 21 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor) at System.Reflection.RuntimeConstructorInfo.Invoke(BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture) at System.RuntimeType.CreateInstanceImpl(BindingFlags bindingAttr, Binder binder, Object[] args, CultureInfo culture, Object[] activationAttributes, StackCrawlMark& stackMark) at System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type, BindingFlags bindingAttr, Binder binder, Object[] args, CultureInfo culture, Object[] activationAttributes) at System.Activator.CreateInstance(Type type, Object[] args) at Entoarox.AdvancedLocationLoader.Processors.ApplyOverride(IContentPack contentPack, Override obj) in C:\Users\Gebruiker\source\repos\StardewMods\AdvancedLocationLoader\Processors.cs:line 237
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