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  • You don't have the Error Handler mod installed. This automatically prevents many game or mod errors. You can reinstall SMAPI to re-add it.

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Game info:
Stardew Valley: 1.3.9 on Microsoft Windows 10 Home
SMAPI: 2.6-beta.8
Log started: 2018-05-09 09:15 UTC ({{localTimeStarted}} your time)

Installed mods: click any mod to filter show all hide all toggle content packs in list
game 1.3.9 no errors
SMAPI 2.6-beta.8 Pathoschild no errors
Automate 1.10-beta.2 Pathoschild no errors
Better Artisan Good Icons 1.1 Cat no errors
CJB Cheats Menu 1.18-beta.3 CJ Bok no errors
CJB Item Spawner 1.11-beta CJ Bok no errors
Console Commands 2.6-beta.8 SMAPI no errors
ContentPatcher 1.4-beta.2
+ Eemie's Darker Wood and Gold Craftables 1.0
+ Eemie's Just A New Map Recolour - CP Conversion 1.1.1
+ ImmersiveFarm 2 1.0.2
(+ 3 content packs)
+ Eemie
+ minervamaga and eemiestardew
+ Zander
139 errors
GiftTasteHelper 2.8-beta tstaples (aka catman) no errors
LookupAnything 1.19-beta.2 Pathoschild no errors
Simple Crop Label 5.4.1 TheMusketeer no errors
SkipIntro 1.8-beta Pathoschild no errors
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